Solar Configurator


You are planning to get a photovoltaic power plant for your house or business premises. Solar panels are the most visible part, but far from the only part. A solar power plant also consists of a number of mounting components. How to design everything quickly and flawlessly? Our online application SOLAR CONFIGURATOR ( will help you with this. Simply assemble your power plant from the available panels and the list of assembly elements is instantly completed. No more complicated and laborious calculations. No more waiting for a new page to load. The application response is instantaneous.


A picture, or rather a video, is worth a thousand words. You can find a short demonstration of the power plant design in the configurator in the demonstration video.


Want to place solar panels on a pitched or flat roof, or as a ground-mounted installation? There is a different mounting kit for each method, a different mounting system. In the first step, on the 02 LOCATION tab, you choose the location of the plant. From the choice of location (valley or mountain), to rooftop or ground installation, to the way the panels are mounted. You make the settings step by step and only the related options are always offered. You won't get lost in dozens of unrelated options. In the final step, you are offered a specific mounting system from the Czech construction manufacturer KRAJICZECH that can be used exactly for your power plant.

Solar panels

The next step is to select the solar panel, on the 03 PANELS tab. In addition to choosing from dozens of models, you can also set your own panel parameters. Panels are categorized by type, power and manufacturer. Each panel is accompanied by basic technical parameters and a picture.

Graphic Editor

A unique part of the application is the graphical editor for panel placement. You can find it on the next tab, 04 POSITION. Not only can you set the width and height of the installation in meters, but also directly the number of panels per width or height. After this initial input, the editor will appear. The entire area can be immediately filled with panels placed in portrait or landscape. Both options can be combined later. Panels can also be added, moved and deleted one at a time. It's easy and often fun. When placing the panels, you will notice that the panels are like "magnetic". If two panels come close together, they will snap to each other. This is an important feature of the editor. The mounting system differentiates between loose panel placement and grid placement, with precise overlaps. In fact, the vast majority of solar installations have panels placed in a grid, with adjacent panels always touching each other with their entire edge. The editor facilitates this placement of panels and recognizes the close connection of two adjacent panels. The calculation of the mounting elements is based on this.

Mounting components overview

A short summary of the currently configured mounting components is already displayed on the editor tab, but you can always view the complete overview on the 05 COMPONENTS tab. You will see both the initial settings and a summary of the current selection. The total price, the weight of all panels and mounting elements and the overall performance. The number of panels used, including their assembly into sets, is shown at the top. The panel sets affect the calculated profiles and other mounting elements. In the overview of mounting elements it is possible in some cases to select from an alternative range, for example a different aluminium profile or more robust combi-screws. You can have the complete overview shown on this tab sent to your email address, download it in PDF format or order it directly in our shop.