We also design and manufacture structures for ground-mounted PV power plant installations.

We supply structures based on earth foundation screws.

We select the size of the screws according to the results of tensile tests.

When the use of earth foundation screws is not possible, we use anchor footings for chemical anchors in concrete.

The ground portion of the structure consists of:

  • heat-formed steel sections for uprights and struts,
  • cold-formed steel sections for trusses,
  • aluminium profiles and brackets used for fixing PV panels,
  • connecting material in a combination of stainless steel and hot dipped zinc materials.

Systems of construction:

  • South or east/west orientation.
  • Panel layout 1V to 3V, similarly 1H to 6H.
  • Panel inclination and height of the first panel from the ground according to customer requirements.
  • Construction on level ground and on a slope.

In cooperation with the customer, we will design the optimal solution for the specific installation, including the possibility of a complete structural assessment of the above-ground part of the structure and tensile tests at the installation site.

East/west oriented construction types

South oriented construction types

We also offer new east/west structures.

In an ideal case, up to 60% more panels can be placed on the plot using this type of construction compared to a south-facing construction, where overshadowing of the rows must be taken into account.

Construction for two panels vertically, EW 2V:

Constructions for 1 to 3 panels in height / most often for 2 panels in height:

For smaller installations in the order of tens to hundreds of kW, we have designs in stock.

  • Two panels in portrait configuration.
  • With inclination from 25° to 35°.
  • Including ground foundation screws.

Zuzana Zachová - open surface construction

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