About PMT

The PMT structures are a great solution for those who want to implement photovoltaic power plants on flat roofs.

These are construction systems from the German company Premium Mounting Technologies, for which we are the exclusive partner on the Czech and Slovak market.

Speed and safety of assembly are the prerogative of the offered structures. Installation time up to 10kWp per hour for one person.

The reliability of PMT mounting systems has been extensively tested.

What goes by the name of PMT had to prove itself in wind tunnel tests, digital simulations and on test equipment such as tensile testing machines and friction test benches.

Know-how gained from decades of project experience and customer feedback are incorporated into the development, resulting in solutions that offer an answer to market demands and move the industry forward step by step.

The warranty on PMT structures is 15 years.

EVO 2.0 EW

EVO 2.0 S